Things You Should Know About Online Games

Online games are a rage among kids today. For some, games may be just an end of the week pastime, while for others it may be an addiction. Some kids cannot spend a day without games, and some may stop when reprimanded by their parents. Kids get addicted to games for many reasons.


The “high score” is one of the most appealing categories for kids. They will have a go at beating their own high scores each time they play. Some games allow players to pretend. They get a chance to create characters in the game and embark on some fascinating adventure. This makes them emotionally attached to the character. Discovering something is entertaining. The online game World of Warcraft lets kids explore imaginary worlds. Some kids feel more comfortable when they are playing online www88 games. The online pretend provides them the opportunity to interact and assemble a rapport with other individual players.

Tips for parents

So how should parents handle kids addicted to online games? Here are a couple of tips:

1. Allot a fixed time for playing each day

Computer games should not make kids addicts. Allow kids to play no more than one or two hours in a day. Disclose to them the importance of devoting some an ideal opportunity for studies.

2. Allow games to be played only after kids have shouldered their responsibilities

Kids love to be snared to games all the time, if allowed an opportunity. Ensure that they play only after they have taken care of their responsibilities. For example, you can set a standard that games should be played only after they complete their homework sincerely. You can even advise them to play only after they have washed their dishes.

3. Redirect youngsters’ minds to other diversions

Playing online games is not the only source of entertainment today. Make your kids understand the importance of other physical games or activities like walking, playing or running. While television is used as a babysitter these days, same is the case with computer games. Never let games dominate your kids’ lives.

4. Never let you kids wear the pants

Parents should have the final say in the approval of any game. Do not allow your kids to govern over your home by letting them play games all the time. If allowed an opportunity, they will wind up playing all the time. So use your discretion.