What Would You Do If Someone You Don’t Know Is Parenting Explosive Children? – Should You Help Out?

What would you do if you see someone you know is parenting an explosive child? Would you offer to help them in any way you could or do your best to avoid them? This might depend on age and other factors. I know for myself it would depend on how old I was at the time. When I was a teenager, I would have more than likely ran for the hills. What if it was someone you do not know but obviously needs help?

How would you know if it was appropriate to do or not? Much of this is measured by natural instinct. An overall judge of a person’s look, mood, and body language. This is natural though. It is the human element otherwise known as human nature. These are tough questions and touchy too, when considering social etiquette.

If someone you know is parenting an explosive abc kids child, it would not be at all out of line if you offer to help them out occasionally. This does not mean that you will be alone with a tough to get along with toddler. It could be a million different other things. This is just one of those polite society misunderstandings that many people naturally gravitate away from struggling parents. It should not be this way and not everyone is like that. People need not be so distant, so unconcerned, or uninvolved.

There is a popular television program called “What Would You Do?” on ABC, where they put on various social experiments and film them in public. Simple things like watching a child standing on a busy sidewalk in a major downtown metropolitan City all alone and then see how things turn out. Seeing what the public or certain individuals will do. It is an amazing premise really. It is very entertaining as well as insightful in an alarming way.

Now in this case, where the toddlers stood in busy city sidewalks all alone, one child stood for four hours and no one even noticed! Not on person for four hours. One of the findings throughout this, very hands on approach to research, was that it has a lot to do with eye level and lack of making eye contact. The child who stood for four hours was eventually noticed but by another child who was riding along on a scooter. You could see him make eye contact almost instantly through the eyes of the camera. They were roughly the same height, when they were going by so he was more apt to take notice and he alerted his mother.