Windows Create Opportunity For Increased Value, Energy Savings

Replacing old, drafty windows won’t just improve your home’s appearance, it could also save you money. Windows are an important part of the form and function of your home. They’re one of the most noticeable exterior features of your home, and are probably the first thing that catches the eye a prospective buyer passing through your neighborhood. Also, they contribute to the interior beauty of your home by providing natural light to certain areas.

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they can also have an impact on your energy bill.

Windows are an important part of your home’s style and function. They contribute to the energy efficiency and decor of your home. The articles below will help you select and install new windows, repair or replace a broken ones, and decorate yours with stylish window treatments.

According to EnergyStar, the U.S. government organization tasked with assessing product energy efficiency, homeowners spend half their average yearly power bill on heating and cooling. Old drafty windows do a terrible job of keeping warm air inside during the winter and cool air inside in the summer, and could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars in additional energy consumption.

Determining the condition of your current windows should be step one of any replacement project. Inspect existing frames, sills and surrounding exterior siding for any possible damage. Also ensure they are working properly by opening and closing them.

Choosing what type of window material you Sash Window Repairs Kent want to use is the next step. Solid wood frames are the traditional favorite, but also are expensive, don’t age well and require lots of maintenance. Vinyl frames are cheaper, but usually only come in white and tend to fade over time. Aluminum frames provide longevity, but are the most expensive.

Glass type and window design should be your next consideration. Certain areas of your home, like near a bathtub, stairs or window seat, will require tempered glass, which is more expensive. Also, large windows and ones with elaborate grids or designs will also add to the overall cost of your project. Be sure to factor all of this in when setting a budget for your project.

After making these decisions, you may decide to hire a contractor for the project. Shop around for price quotes, inquire into prospective contractors’ work reputations, and if decide to do it yourself, make sure to read lots of books and instructional materials so you know what you’re doing before you start your project.