Regular Maintenance of Your HVAC Equipment

The most important thing that a homeowner should do in order to make sure that their HVAC system is running effectively is to ensure they’re keeping up with the regular maintenance requirements. A homeowner is able to perform the majority of maintenance tasks, but others require the help of an expert HVAC technicians.

A typical homeowner could clean the components that comprise the HVAC unit on their own. Shop-vacs can be utilized to remove the accumulation of dust and dirt that collects around the blower wheel motor, and flue. Cleanliness of these areas will improve airflow and help keep the HVAC system running at its peak efficiency. Additionally, an excessive amount of dust and dirt can result in the machine to shut down which can be a very expensive issue to face. Regularly vacuuming these areas can help extend the lifespan of the blower unit.

At the most simple maintenance tasks is changing the furnace’s filter. It is possible to find furnace filters at department stores or hardware stores. They are located in the heating and cooling section. Filters for furnaces are simple to replace and take less than 30 seconds to perform. But, this is often neglected most. A clean air filter will ensure an airflow that is consistent throughout the HVAC system. They trap dirt and particles and stop it from moving through the ductwork, and eventually to your house. After a few months of use, furnace filters will get clogged with the particles they have trapped and will make it difficult to let air flow freely through them. Your HVAC system will need to exert more effort to push air through, and it will take longer to achieve the temperature you want set in the thermostat. Simple changes to the air filter can ensure that your HVAC unit in hrv cleaning top shape and the air inside your home clean of allergens, dust and dirt.

A licensed HVAC professional is able to complete other maintenance tasks. Gas furnaces must be removed of the gas burners and cleaned. This is a must to be performed every year. The furnace needs to be removed from power to accomplish this.

HVAC technicians are also required to be aware of fuel leaks or leaks of carbon monoxide. Both scenarios can be risky and pose a major danger to health and safety to people who live in the house. The HVAC service technician will examine the wires for damaged wires as this can lead to an electrical fire.

Other than replacing the air filter and the routine cleaning of dust and other debris The homeowner is restricted in how they are able to ensure their HVAC system operating smoothly. While these are important tasks however, a qualified HVAC technician must be brought in every year at least to air filters cleaning the system and provide professional maintenance. Your HVAC system can last for longer as well as your energy bills at a minimum by following the regular maintenance procedures of your HVAC system.